Arm Bending and Self-Locking Instrument

Arm Bending and Self-Locking Instrument

Handy instrument to firmly hold the expander; it allows for easy and accurate modeling of the arms along with the special arm bending P1620-02. The instrument ends, with a clutch mechanism, are shaped on the model of expander to avoid damage to the bodies and are kept closed by a cursor clamp device that is turned on and off with a simple thumb action. The edge thickness of the clutching ends is designed to indicate the minimum space between the body of the expander and the palatal vault. By placing the instrument with the screw on the plaster model, the correct inclination and the right height to bend the arms will be clearly visible. It is also useful to test the expander prior to use by opening and closing the expander with the special straight key.

Brand : Leone, Italy

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